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Classic Kiwi thriller, the debut film from Roger Donaldson (The World’s Fastest Indian). Set in the near future, Sam Neill is a reclusive New Zealander caught between two warring factions: the fascist government and its resistance movement. Co-stars Ian Mune and Warren Oates. Based on the novel Smith's Dream by CK Stead. More

Distraught after his wife ditches him for his best mate Bullen (Mune), Smith (Neill) leaves for some alone time in the Coromandel. Meanwhile, industrial disputes plunge New Zealand into a violent police state (in scenes that seem to anticipate the 1981 Springbok Tour riots) and a fascist government institutes martial law. Smith is wrongly accused of being anti-government and caught by the military. He escapes with the aid of Bullen and his revolutionary comrades, and becomes increasingly under pressure to join the resistance for real.

Sleeping Dogs was the first NZ film to be released in the States. As well as launching the careers of Donaldson and Neill, the movie's success was a key factor in establishing the New Zealand Film Commission.

1977Rating: PG, contains violence107 minsNew Zealand
Roger Donaldson ('The World's Fastest Indian', 'The Bank Job', 'Species', 'Smash Palace')
Ian MuneArthur Baysting
Sam NeillNevan RoweIan MuneWarren OatesIan WatkinClyde ScottDonna AkerstenWilliam Johnson

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Sharp directional flair, particularly the action segments, the taut performances by the large cast and a handsome technical gloss in all departments... Without going for easy scenic shots, Michael Seresin's camera work records the freshness of a landscape hardly seen on international screens.

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Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert

Avery well made and acted movie. Donaldson uses precise details of Hitler's takeover of Germany and plugs them into the New Zealand setting, and then he gives us a hero who wants to sit the fight out...

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