'Stormbreaker' is based on the teen novels by Anthony Horowitz about Alex Rider (Pettyfer) - a 14 year old baby Bond. It's every boy's dream: he's parentless, he's a secret agent, and Alicia Silverstone is his home-help.

Alex's uncle (McGregor), after teaching Alex secret service type skills, is killed in mysterious circumstances at the film's beginning. Alex is swiftly & forcibly recruited into Britain's MI6. After a gruelling training course, Alex is sent on his first mission - up against ruthless businessman Darius Sayle (Rourke).

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I believe that he is the best agent I and you have ever seen!!!! I think everybody should watch it!!!!

I couldn't work out whether this was a really bad movie, or a satire of James Bond style action movies. If it's not a satire then it is an extremely terrible movie, and I am confused as to why famous British actors like Ewan Mc Gregor, Bill Nighy, Stephen Fry etc even thought about being in this movie. It is a very unlikely story, which would not be a problem if the acting was convincing, but because the main character is a blonde bimbo who can't act, it is spoilt. If it is watched thinking... More it is a satire then some amusement can be gained from laughing at the crazy things that happen and the ponsyness of the blonde bimbo. I'm sure anyone who is in love with with Alex Prettyfer would enjoy this movie despite its (perhaps unintended) satirical nature. However he is not my type so this was not the case for me. In fact I rather think it was a waste of my time to watch it.Hide

this guy is soooooooooooo hot u havta watch this movie if you thnk it looks dumb just watch it anyway cos he is soooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • To quote Derek Zoolander, he’s [Alex Pettyfer] “really, really, ridiculously good-looking”. The type — total babe magnet — that real teenage boys — moody, spotty — tend to consider a “git”. It’s hard to warm to such a hero. A shame, because Geoffrey Sax makes a good fist of the visuals, mustering plenty of bonkers sets, vehicular action and new-fangled gizmos... Full Review

  • Alex finds himself being recruited by British intelligence - and let off school to battle with megalomaniac villains! What's not to enjoy about that? I was sitting near a lively crowd of schoolkids at the cinema: they enjoyed it - so did I... Full Review

  • James Bond for teens. In fact, the kid who plays 14-year-old orphan and spy Alex Rider, played by newcomer Alex Pettyfer, could easily pass as the younger brother of Daniel Craig... Full Review

  • A shake 'n' bake Brit teen-spy actioner, without a smidgeon of originality, humor or involving characterization, "Stormbreaker" is a high-profile bust. First pic in a hoped-for series based on the Alex Rider novels by Anthony Horowitz, this franchise doesn't look like it will even get to second base without a radical rethink... a British "Spy Kids" without the fun, or a teenage "Johnny English" without the humor. Not helped by a wooden perf from (then 15-year-old) newcomer Alex Pettyfer as Rider... Full Review

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