Suddenly (Underbara älskade)

Suddenly (Underbara älskade)


A Scandinavian drama that observes the guilt, and the deteriorating relationship, between a father and son after an auto accident which kills their other family members. They relocate to the family summer house in an attempt to reconnect, and deal with the tragedy. It is writer/director Johan Brisinger’s debut feature after a series of award winning short films.

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In this Norwegian film, a tragic car accident leaves 17-year-old Jonas physically scarred for life, his father Lasse suicidal and the mother and youngest son of the family dead. To try and cope with feelings of guilt and loss, as well as repair their deteriorating relationship, they retreat to the family summer home. Romantic situations soon arise that both strengthen and threaten the healing process.

Thankfully considering the heavy subject matter, director and feature film debutant Johan Brisinger adopts a low key, contemplative approach to the material. The cast are allowed to infer most of the drama rather than shoot for an emotional tour de force. They all excel in this set up, particularly the teens, proving to be capable of handling drama, romance and even the occasional touch of comedy like seasoned veterans. Setting the film in the Norwegian summer also shows a side of Scandinavia refreshingly different from its snowy stereotype. Stunning cinematography frame these performances and landscapes, in particular using colour to great effect. Seriously, you'll never have realised there are so many shades of blue or the significantly different meanings they can evoke, especially when contrasted with hues of orange. If that sounds way too artsy for you, there's also some near gratuitous Nordic nudity on display if that's more your thing.

The film's only drawback is the over reliance on heavy handed visual metaphors that over emphasise certain points of the narrative, one which is already predictable, albeit in a well told, comforting way. Still, it's an assured debut that successfully gets its message about grief across with visual panache.

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beautifully made -----the images told the story------it took the viewer to the plac ethe time and the people and their story i loved the way the landscape and the interiors were photographed ---part of the healing

This is a Swedish film shot in Sweden!

Andreas Heinemann, has left little further to say of this masterpiece. other than perhaps take a second viewing to absorb the artistic sensual scenes. Reminding me, that even in the greiving process there can be beautiful moments.

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  • Keeps our emotions in check by careful restraint, electing to allow us use our imagination rather than spelling everything out. Keep your tissues handy for the powerful and climactic confrontation between father and son when love, hate and blame fling poisonous arrows. Full Review

  • A moving drama about loss and possible consolation set on an island during one summer, "Suddenly" hooks the viewer from start to finish. In a year that saw plenty of new Swedish films but few of real quality, this is an assured feature debut by writer-director Johan Brisinger. Excellent reviews will make the low-key pic a respectable hit... Full Review