Tag (2015)

Tag (2015)

Tag (2015)

Gore-fest horror from cult director Sion Sono (Tokyo Tribe, Why Don’t You Play In Hell?), based on Yûsuke Yamada's 2001 novel Riaru Onigokko (or Real Life Game of Tag). Mitsuko's (Reina Triendl) dreamy school trip is violently interrupted by death and mysterious forces - thrown from one parallel existence to another, she struggles to hold on to her slipping identity as she fights her attackers – sometimes in school uniform, sometimes in full bridal wear.

201585 minsJapanJapanese with English subtitles
HorrorWorld Cinema
Sion Sono ('Tokyo Tribe', 'Why Don’t You Play In Hell?', 'Love Exposure', 'Suicide Club')
Sion Sono
Reina TriendlMariko ShinodaErina Mano
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