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The Ambassador

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Armed with a diplomatic passport (bought for 150,000 Euros) and a hidden camera, Danish documentarian and satirist Mads Brügger goes undercover posing as a decadent, semi-racist ambassador to the Central African Republic. Brügger's brazen stunt offers a look at the corruption and bizarre world of diplomacy in African states. More

Sporting dark glasses, riding boots, and a cigarette holder, Brügger's diplomat claims to be a do-gooder rich businessman. Officially he is there to start a match factory - this, to employ locals and teach how to make this simple piece of fire-making equipment. Unofficially he is really there to gain access to vast reserves of diamonds. It soon becomes apparent that, in this postcolonial economy, nearly everyone is out to rip off everyone else, and the dangers become all too real.

201193 minsDenmarkEnglish, Danish and French with English subtitles
Mads Brügger ('The Red Chapel')
Mads Brügger

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