The Cake Eaters

The Cake Eaters


This oddball romantic-drama is set in rural upstate New York. It's ensemble cast features Twilight's Kristen Stewart with a critically acclaimed performance. ... More

Easy (screen-veteran Bruce Dern) recently lost his wife to cancer and lives with his not-too-bright son, Beagle (Aaron Stanford). His other son, Guy (screenwriter Jayce Bartok) returns unannounced after three years in the city failing to become a rock star. Beagle, who tended their mother throughout her long illness, cannot forgive Guy for abandoning her. On the posh side of town lives Georgia (Stewart), a young beauty with Friedriech's Ataxia - a degenerative nervous disease. When Georgia meets Beagle at a flea market, his matter-of-fact acceptance of her physical handicap (she shakes and cannot walk unassisted) mark him as her chosen initiator into the mysteries of sex. But in Beagle's gentle awkwardness, Georgia gets far more than she bargained for.Hide

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Beautiful film. It may not be the fastest moving but the storyline and fantastic acting keeps your attention.

Apologies, only seen the trailer as yet, but is it just me or has Mary Stuart Masterson made a film in which she's tried to make the hot young lead look as much like a young version of herself as possible? (see her in short hair mode from younger years). I'm just saying...

PS: I'd probably see this on the strength of Kristen Stewart's performance in Adventureland...

This movie was alright... i thought it moved rather slowly! and the three main male leads had interesting stories that went no where... also the end was rather weak, it just finished, leaving you with "what now?"
the best thing?- the acting! all pretty talented!

all good on the film, but if I have to watch Kristen Stewart doing her Demi Moore impression, the half open mouth, dropped jaw look, it'll be one too many. Makes her look half witted, just as it did Demi

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  • Masterson, like many actors, is an assured director even in her debut; working with her brother Pete as cinematographer, she creates a spell and a tenderness and pushes exactly as far as this story should go. Full Review

  • The story is certainly predictable, but it contains just enough conflict and drama to engage the viewer. Full Review

  • Superior acting elevates a small, overcrowded ensemble piece set in rural upstate New York into something a little deeper and truer than the mawkish disease-of-the-week movie it threatens to become. Full Review

  • There's a certain theatricality to the opening stanzas, but as the film finds its rhythm, the lives of these two families intersect in unexpected ways. The result is a charming indie ensemble drama of the kind the Americans can - but seldom do - make so well. Full Review