The Dead Room

The Dead Room


There is an intruder. It’s you.

Two cynical scientists and a young psychic are sent to investigate claims of a haunting in this New Zealand horror from Jason Stutter (Tongan Ninja). Inspired by the urban legend surrounding a farmhouse in Central Otago.

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BY jasont nobody

Getting the balance of suspense and belief right isn't easy in today's world of over stimulated senses, this film does it masterfully. The journey through this tale has restored my interest in this genre. Such a ride .... and the sound !!!!!... incredible.

What an inept mess. Who cares if it was made in NZ, bad is bad. Only 4 people in the cinema Sunday evening and we all laughed at it. Hope the puerile makers don't quit their day jobs making hokey corporate videos.

Really enjoyed it - I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and glad there weren't too many big frights! Scenery was beautiful. I want a Prequel now - won't spoil it but you will know what I mean. Go see it people, support our Kiwi film-makers :-)

BY Anaconda wannabe

Cheap, derivative & boring ... can't believe we wasted good money & time watching this drivel.

Am telling everyone I know to go see this on the BIG screen. You want to fully experience the RUMBLE. It adds to the terror....

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