The Last Magic Show

The Last Magic Show

A New Zealand digital feature about Ronny Roman (Andy Conlan), a once up and coming magician whose career went off the rails after he found his beloved assistant in the arms of a rival. Now, under the guidance of bargain-basement manager Trevor Norton (a greasy Michael Hurst), he finds himself performing at children’s parties and hospices. It’s at the latter where Ronny meets two characters who will change his outlook on life – a dying man (Alexander Anderson) and a young nurse (Georgie Hill), who convinces Ronny to make his greatest escape of all.

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Suspend your pre-judgement and look at the film feel story style technique content director actors etc. The whole shebang.

Keep your eye on Andy Conlan's future.

The first feature film from New Zealand writer/actor/director Andy Conlan.

We meet and follow sympathetic and tragically flawed Ronny Roman (Conlan) — a magician so badly hurt by the infidelity of his former partner and stage assistant, that he weaves a world of magical make-believe around himself - as long as he believes he's a magician with eerie dark powers, he doesn't have to face up to the pain of betrayal — while he tries to get his life back on track.

Unfortunately his scumbag... More manager (a convincingly slimy Michael Hurst) isn't doing much to help, but his scumbagness does have the accidental benefit of tricking our Ronny into an unpaid gig in a hospice where we meet our delightfully quirky love interest, in the beguiling form of Nurse Sarah (newcomer Georgie Hill), a girl with serious germ issues - she boils bottled water, "just in case" - and a heart with a Ronny Roman shaped hole in it.

Of course while life and love happen around him, Ronny is so distracted by his efforts to make a come-back TV magic show appearance - and his own hidden pain - that he might miss his chance at happiness and love. And lots of games of night time mini golf, if you know what I mean. (I mean mini golf played at night.)

Featuring one of the most surreal umbrella fight scenes between a fry cook in a wifebeater and a dapper gentleman in a top hat ever to be caught on film.

There's a lot of wonderful weirdness to be had here, which makes for some great laughs and an enjoyable film. Support our fledgling local independent film industry, go see it tonight - at Rialto cinemas nationwide.Hide

As a struggling filmmaker I can appreciate how hard it is to make in film in NZ and anyone who attempts to make a film here has my utmost respect. ‘The Last Magic Show’ is a gem of a little film and Andy Conlan should be praised for his ingenuity. I don’t want to give anything away but I encourage viewers to watch with a child-like mind. We need more Ronny Roman’s in the world!

Being a lover of New Zealand cinema, I wanted to be one of the first to see "The Last Magic Show". I wish I hadn't.

The film tries to be unique, off-the-wall, endearing. What you get is Punch Drunk Love meets Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka. Nothing original.

Acting is appalling, especially Jade Collins' first outing.

Best things are the beautiful soundtrack and the always amusing Michael Hurst.

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  • Better known as a costume designer, Georgie Hill (Woodenhead) actually provides the sweet solid centre of the film, a nice foil to the craziness around her. On screen for most of the film, Conlan's unusual appearance lends itself to eccentricity well, although one can't help being reminded of Robert Downey Jun's Chaplin or Johnny Depp's performances in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Benny and Joon. Not exactly magic, but by no means the worst show in town. Full Review