The Lion King

The Lion King


The last, great Disney hand-drawn animated film, The Lion King follows the epic, African adventure of a young lion called Simba (voiced by Matthew Broderick) as he struggles to accept the responsibilities of adulthood and his destined role as king of the jungle.... More

Also stars the voice talent of a booming James Earl Jones, Rowan Atkinson and Jeremy Irons.Hide

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BY delarge101 superstar

A beautiful film with a resonating story, whimsical tunes and impeccable voice acting. One of the greatest animated achievements.

BY CSBright superstar

awsome movie

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  • Basically what we have here is a drama, with comedy occasionally lifting the mood. The result is a surprising seriousness; this isn't the mindless romp with cute animals. Full Review

  • This is more a favourite of the children than adult Disney fans. It has a few memorable songs and has spawned a very popular stage production. Full Review

  • A hugely entertaining blend of music, fun and eye-popping thrills, though it doesn't lack for heart. Full Review

  • Everything's fine-tuned to perfection. The hand-drawn characters throb with life. The CG set-pieces yank your jaw to the carpet. The maddeningly catchy songs keep things from getting too bleak. And the story has more emotional kick than a herd of stampeding wildebeest. Full Review

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