The Lithium Conspiracy

The Lithium Conspiracy

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In this Italian thriller, lawyer Giulio (Guido Caprino) finds himself in South America and at the epicentre of a desperate international race to control a salt lake holding half the world's supply of lithium. More

"An imaginative, sinewy thriller about international banking corruption and corporate greed, The Lithium Conspiracy taps into global apprehension over financial mergers and exploitation of natural resources to emerge a colorful, tautly entertaining morality play. When his boss is incapacitated by a sports injury, Banco Lario lawyer Giulio Rovedo (Guido Caprino) is entrusted with solving a mysterious "code 37" overseas crisis that intensifies exponentially when the bank is suddenly taken over by a sinister conglomerate, Newlight. Leaving behind a troubled marriage in Torino, Giulio is whisked off to the South American banana republic of Queimada by his beautiful yet cryptic new superior, Cecilia Schwartz (Carolina Crescentini). Once there, he becomes enmeshed in local politics and intrigue revolving around a massive deposit of the eponymous element." (Filmfest DC)

2012Rating: M, Sex scenes and offensive language102 minsItalyItalian with English subtitles

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