The Science Of Sleep

Review: The Science Of Sleep

By Billy
08 May 07

Science of Brilliance

Dear Michel,

I really liked your film. Was is really based on your own experiences? You must be an imaginative man.

I liked the dream sequences with the low-fi effects like rear-projection and entire cities made out of cardboard tubes. It looked cool as.

I thought the actress who played the friend (Zoe) was really hot. I liked her hair. Can you give me her number?

I liked the end because it wasn't a conventional end like I've seen in other movies. The acting was funny as. I liked the character Stephane. Was he the one based on you? Because he was quite rude sometimes to the girl, even unintentionally. And I'd like to offer you some advice on how not to do that, if you've got time to meet me.

Let me know.