The Secret Life of Words

The Secret Life of Words


An enigmatic European factory worker called Hanna drifts through her day with her hearing aid switched off to avoid connecting with the world. Forced to take a break by her supervisor after ten years of working without a vacation, Hanna finds another job as a nurse on an oil rig. Her sole patient is a flirtatious, life-loving burns victim, played by Tim Robbins in charismatic form. As Hanna gradually adjusts to her new surroundings, finding kindred spirits among the oil rig's eccentric and isolated crew, her shell begins to crack.

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BY Tracey1 nobody

WOW! what a fantastic movie - this is a really quietly powerful movie. Fantastic acting by the two main leads, wonderful story really beautiful played by the cast - very powerful - very simple - quiet low key, gently paced character story and demonstrates the power of human stories and words - thoroughly recommend it. so much so that this is the first time I have felt strongly enough to write a review about a film. Thanks to Flicks for being there as I would never have found out about it... More otherwise probably!Hide

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71% of critics recommend.
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  • A series of conversations that are sometimes clever and sometimes feel like screenwriting exercises about the details of life, but are always well acted... Full Review

  • A tantalizing and beautiful picture made with tremendous integrity, and anchored by two marvelous performances, Isabel Coixet's The Secret Life of Words still, somehow, doesn't quite work... Full Review

  • The exquisitely coordinated performances elicit an empathy as powerful as anything I can remember feeling in a recent film... Full Review

  • Sarah Polley gives a wonderfully searching performance, as a woman in a state of extreme isolation, in The Secret Life of Words, a compellingly claustrophobic drama set mostly aboard an oil rig... Full Review