The Ten Commandments (2008)

The Ten Commandments (2008)


Christian animated film following Moses as he grows up as the adopted son of the Pharoah and becomes leader of the Hebrews, eventually inspiring his people to make the great Exodus out of Egypt.

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Please note that whilst this production was U.S. funded,a large proportion of this film (including animation and direction was N.Z. based.Go the flightless bird!

Its in the bible and its been done before..... Nuff said

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14% of critics recommend.
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  • There’s something earnest and forthright about the movie, despite its misguided execution. Full Review

  • The panoramic backgrounds have a silky beauty, but the characters are cheaply rendered with doll faces, enlarged musculature, tiny joints, and clunky movement. It's like watching Max Headroom lead his people out of Egypt. Full Review

  • For those who recall those old Classics Illustrated comics of the 1940s and ’50s--and even for those who don’t--there’s an endearing, earnest quality to The Ten Commandments that transcends its star-studded cast and computer-generated animation. Full Review

  • Brought to you by the director of such classics as Buzby and the Grumble Bees and the producer of Charlton Heston Presents the Bible, Commandments will struggle to entertain even the least discerning five-year-old. Even last year's schlocky horror The Reaping has more of a theological statement to make than this biography of Moses. Full Review

  • A well-intentioned misfire featuring 3-D CGI animation that recalls lesser vidgames of the mid-1990s. Full Review