The Unknown Man of Shandigor

The Unknown Man of Shandigor

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When a nuclear scientist discovers a device capable of neutralising any atomic bomb, he immediately goes into hiding in this '60s spy classic. More

The good news is that at last a scientist has discovered a way to disarm all the nuclear weapons in the world. The bad news is that he doesn't have altruistic intentions with regard to his new invention. The professor is being sought by agents of both the Russians and the Americans, among others. The evil old professor has been keeping his daughter under wraps, almost a prisoner. He has also been keeping a mysterious sea monster in a pool on his estate, for reasons which remain unclear. What is clear is that somehow the professor's daughter will be saved, he will come to a bad end, and the world will be saved yet again from mad scientists.

196790 minsSwitzerlandFrajea Film
ActionDramaWorld CinemaClassic

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