These Foolish Things

Review: These Foolish Things

By Wally
17 Mar 11

They passed beside it very close, and yet, they did not see it.

Not unlike 'Australia', a genre film re-creating another genre of movie - 30s romance - including another whole medium's genre, 30s stage production - the theatre's heyday - and both illuminating and mocking all of them simultaneously: AND, not apologizing for it. I loved the decidedly un-PC homosexual nasties ... and a lot else besides. We have a Slow Food movement don't we? The pace criticism is about coffee, coke, fast food and fast-cutting fuelled viewers, not the movie. Refreshing, once I slowed down and got the idea. You think they (Terence Stamp, Houston, Bacall et al) meant us to take the Mills & Boon seriously!? Please, give these people credit where it's due. Yes: They did not see it. For it is one of those movies that makes no sign. Which one must know HOW to see. Wally.