Tongan Ninja

Tongan Ninja

Tongan Ninja

Kiwi kung-fu parody starring a young Jemaine Clement (also co-writer). Shot on a shoestring budget in Wellington, the story follows ninjitsu-trained Sione (Sam Manu) who fights an evil crime syndicate's hostile takeover of a Chinese restaurant.

Only Sione's fists and years of training in Tonga will help him face Gun Man (he’s good with guns), Knife Man (good with knives), Henchman (good with henches), Chef Guy (you get the idea) and Asian Sidekick. Finally, he must confront his ultimate nemesis - Action Fighter (Clement). Will love, and a great deal of physical violence, triumph in the end? You work it out.

2002Rating: PG, contains low level violence79 minsNew Zealand
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