Thriller set in the icy climes of Siberia aboard the Transsiberian Express. Starring Emily Mortimer, Woody Harrelson and Ben Kingsley.... More

"Some of the best thrillers take the train and director Brad Anderson (The Machinist) shows exactly why. He’s retooled locomotive propulsion for the 21st century, depicting the formerly glamorous Transsiberian Express as a shady microcosm of Russian criminality hurtling across the wintry landscapes from Beijing to Moscow. Woody Harrelson and Emily Mortimer are the presumed innocents aboard, American missionaries taking the scenic route home after a stint in China. Politely resisting the come-ons of a louche young Spaniard and his suspiciously sedated girlfriend is not enough to keep our wholesome pair clean on this runaway express. Ben Kingsley is ice cold and riveting as the Russian narc whose ominous pronouncements on human nature foreshadow a gruesome, morally murky climax." (World Cinema Showcase 2009)Hide

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An effective and unpredictable thriller with a lurking atmosphere of dread, featuring great performances from Mortimer and Harrelson. Recommended for those who like an old-fashioned thriller that’s not too arthouse but still has enough moral ambiguity to keep you guessing.

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Oh ... of course, that is also what the movie is about.

Unconvincing in the storyline, the main relationship between the couple, the role of the baddies.

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