Unknown (2007)

Unknown (2007)

A concept thriller about five men who wake up in a locked-down warehouse with no memory of who they are. They soon realise that a kidnapping has brought them together, and are forced to figure out each other's allegiances in order to stay alive - who is good and who is bad? Who is happy and who is sad? Who am I? What am I? Why am I?

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  • BBC

    Kinnear and Pepper lend great support, each in his own slightly hysterical way challenging Caviezel's disjointed perceptions. Unfortunately the flashbacks become a liability in the final stages when an indulgence of plot twists overtakes the characters. The film isn't fully satisfying because of that, but it's still a mind-bending trip worth taking... Full Review

  • Moderately lame horror... Full Review

  • The movie's disinterest in character might be forgivable were its plot not riddled with holes... Full Review

  • Despite a clever script and top-notch cast, whose commitment to doing service in the indie branch of the industry is commendable, Unknown falls apart just when it should be coming together... Full Review

  • Brand has assembled a cast of world class improvisers, yet doesn't take advantage of their own particularized, inflected rhythms, as each ritualistically experiences a jump-cut fragmentary flashback in front of the same bathroom mirror... Full Review

  • The pacing is slightly off, with the action switching between the imprisoned men and the police who are trying to find them, and what should be a mounting sense of urgency inside the warehouse (think Reservoir Dogs) falters and goes slack... Full Review

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