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Academy Award-winner Melissa Leo and John Hawkes feature in this indie dramedy about a sex- and love-addicted woman who learns real intimacy when she starts making music with a reclusive man. More

Joy (Charlene deGuzman) a 20-something lost soul, realises she has a problem and seeks help at a 12-step meeting for sex and love addiction. There she meets Maddie (Leo), who becomes her sponsor. Maddie allows Joy to stay at her grandmother’s guesthouse if she agrees to go 30 days off boys, sex, and romance. Joy struggles to get sober and Maddie suggests she find a hobby. Joy finds a drum kit in the garage and meets Jim (Hawkes), Maddie's clinically awkward brother. Joy and Jim create music together, and a secret friendship develops. Joy teaches Jim to take risks with his music and his heart, and Jim shows Joy that she can have a healthy relationship with a man as a friend.

201879 minsUSA
ComedyDramaMusicFestival & Independent

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Winner of the Special Jury Award (Special Mention), 2018 South by Southwest Film Festival

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A young woman who loves not wisely but too much gets a shot at redemption in an excellent dramedy drawn from the real-life experiences of lead player Charlene deGuzman.

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