Vagabond (Sans toit ni loi)

Vagabond (Sans toit ni loi)

(Sans toit ni loi)

The circumstances leading to a woman's death are shown through flashbacks and interviews in this French drama that won the 1985 Venice Golden Lion.... More

Mona Bergeron (Sandrine Bonnaire, East/West) is dead, her frozen body found in a ditch in the French countryside. Through flashbacks, we watch her travel from place to place, taking odd jobs and staying with whomever will offer her a place to sleep. But Mona's independence and desire to be free eventually leads to her demise.Hide

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BY yuefei superstar

That's a quote from one of the few people who, by chance, came across the enigmatic protagonist of the film. Throughout the course of 104 minutes, I got to know (a better word would be follow) a woman; the kind that rarely appears, or if they did, I'd never dare to go near. It reveals the desperate struggle of a defiant girl against a world which cannot sustain the likes of her. The cinematography drifts through her surroundings, sometimes landing on the most insignificant of objects instead of... More the protagonist herself, just to emphasise her insignificance.
Nevertheless, of all those we observe in the film, she's possibly the most significant, the one who makes the most impact in the lives of others who encounter her, even if their relationship is brief.

Existential and feminist, "Vagabond" is a film that I'll be returning to.

(Also, the fourth wall breaking is so goddamn good.)Hide

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  • What a film this is. Like so many of the greatest films, it tells us a very specific story, strong and unadorned, about a very particular person. Full Review

  • This smooth, gliding action gives the camera the feel of a floating apparition observing a moment while in transit, attempting to draw in as much detail as possible but never stopping to stare. Full Review