Wound Wolf'S REVIEW

Not that bad

Bad reviews can be an indication that the film was good, and vice versus. 'Wound' is not a film for the faint hearted, nor is it some stupid splatter movie that some equally stupid viewers seem to like. At some level the sane message seems to be that sexual abuse and sexual violence leads to total mental breakdown but at another level - especially as visual impact - one wonders why the insane consequences are being acted out on stage when we already know that fact is stranger than fiction. True, classical allusions can be equally grim but they are not acted out, apart from themes in equally classical paintings. Graphic depiction of long scenes of rape and castration are hardly a deterrent for people so inclined - however technically accomplished the cinematography. The film should be shown to students of forensic psychiatry as a case study. After all, Ian Mune - as the psychiatrist in the film - makes the wry comment that this is an INTERESTING case.