Wound Ted'S REVIEW

I want the 1hr 17min of my life back, with interest.

I concur with, Jon. I do not think I have seen a film more atrociously awful than Wound, and I've seen some bad films. There are films that are so bad that they become good again (Birdemic, The Room etc), but then there are films that just have few redeeming features. Then there is Wound.

The films biggest failing had to be its script which is riddled with setups that don't pay off, cliches that would make even a student director shudder (that ending? Come on!) and dialogue that isn't so much clunky as painful. The problem with all of this is that it isn't even laughably bad. It's just unpleasent.

David Blyth mentioned in his pre-amble that films like this would 'keep the film commision honest'. I completely agree. It'll ensure that they never fund rubbish like this.

Doesn't even deserve a 1/5.