You Came Back (Lasciami Andare)

You Came Back (Lasciami Andare)

Poster for You Came Back (Lasciami Andare)

Still mourning the loss of the son he had with his ex-wife, Clara, Marco (Stefano Accorsi, Kiss Me Again) is overjoyed to be welcoming a baby with his new partner Anita in this Italian psychological thriller. But when the mysterious Perla (Valeria Golino, Daughter of Mine) arrives, claiming to have been visited by the ghost of a child,  everyone's lives are thrown into turmoil. More

Directed by Stefano Mordini (The Invisible Witness) and co-starring Serena Rossi (7 Hours to Win Your Heart) and Maya Sansa (Dormant Beauty).

2022Rating: M, Sex scenes & offensive language98 minsItalyItalian with English subtitlesPicomedia


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You Came Back (Lasciami Andare) is now playing in 2 cinemas in New Zealand.