Youth Without Youth

Youth Without Youth


The director of The Godfather and Apocalypse Now breaks a decade’s silence with this monumentally strange drama of regenerating youth and transmigrating souls, touted by the maestro himself as a project for which he once again became a ‘student of cinema.’ Incorporating, amongst other altered states, Nazi Europe and seventh century India, it hinges on the resourcefulness of actor Tim Roth as an elderly linguistics scholar who grows younger in body and more capacious in spirit after being felled by a bolt of lightning. Coppola’s enthusiasm for eastern mysticism may indeed be student-like, but his palpable pleasure in conjuring up whole worlds on screen is definitely the fruit of experience.

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Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather) returns from a long hiatus with an abstract look at dreams, memory, the origins of language and the like. Being an established master director, Coppola knows all the best camera and lighting tricks and seems determined to pack them all into two hours while adding some trippy effects to his arsenal. Great choice of locations too, including Eastern Europe, India and the Mediterrranean, all providing beautiful architecture and stunning scenery. Recommended for anyone who likes their cinema twisted and esoteric in the vein of David Lynch, though this has a more conventional narrative base thanks to its love story.

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