How to watch Constellation in New Zealand

Noomi Rapace is an astronaut in trouble in this mind-bending sci-fi mystery.

When is Constellation being released in New Zealand?

Constellation is now streaming in New Zealand exclusively on Apple TV+.

What is Constellation about?

Excellent question, space cadet. Noomi Rapace is Commander Jo Ericsson, who survives a disastrous accident on the International Space Station that kills a colleague, and then spends way too long up there by herself after the rest of the crew man the lifeboats before effecting a return to Earth.

Worse, she began experiencing unsettling communications while in her orbital prison – and they don’t stop once she’s back home. Her life doesn’t seem like her own…has it changed, or has she? Does it have anything to do with Jonathan Banks’ craggy scientist? This is a high concept science fiction mystery thriller, and we’ve got eight episodes to figure it out.

The cast of Constellation

In addition to Rapace as Ericsson and Banks as Commander Henry Caldera, James D’Arcy is her husband, Magnus; Davina and Rosie Coleman share the role of her daughter, Alice, who is experiencing similar visions; and Julian Looman, Lenn Kudrjawizki, William Catlett, Barbara Sukowa, Carole Weyers, Rebecca Scroggs, Henry David, Joshua Spriggs, Michel Diercks, Sandra Teles, Clare-Hope Ashitey, and Chipo Chung round out the ensemble.

The series was created by British playwright Peter Harkness, who previously adapted Susanna Clarke’s novel Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.

Constellation trailer

Why we’re excited about Constellation

Apple TV+ have been kicking goals with classy, high concept science fiction in recent years – look at For All Mankind, Foundation, Severance, and Silo, just off the top of our heads. Constellation looks like another winner, but its vibes are darker than most. For some reason we’re flashing on William Gibson’s early short story Hinterland, which combines chilly sci-fi with mind-shredding but subtle cosmic horror to excellent effect (go read that one).

Regardless, Rapace and Banks are always worth watching, and early reviews have been very positive, so we’ll take the trip for this one.