How to watch The Fall Guy in New Zealand

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt team up with Atomic Blonde (yay!) and Bullet Train (YMMV) director David Leitch for this redux of the ’80s action TV mainstay.

How to watch The Fall Guy in New Zealand

The Fall Guy is in New Zealand cinemas right now.

What is The Fall Guy about?

Rarely has a plot mattered less in a movie, but here’s the general gist: after a stunt goes awry on a movie set, stunt man Colt Seaver is badly injured and washed up, until he gets a new gig on a Hollywood blockbuster being filmed in picturesque Sydney, Australia. The twist: it’s being directed by Jody Moreno, who he loved and left on his last shoot. The bigger twist: leading man Tom Ryder is missing, and our man Colt takes it up on himself to track down the missing movie star—and maybe rekindle his romance with Jody while he’s at it. Cue laughs, explosions, fights, falls, and a ton of truly impressive practical stunts. The whole thing is a loving and well overdue tribute to the stunties who make action movies great.

The cast of The Fall Guy

Ryan Gosling, who you may recall also played a stuntman in Drive, is Colt Seaver; Emily Blunt is much less quiet than she was in A Quiet Place as Jody Moreno; Aaron Taylor-Johnson is Tom Ryder; Black Panther‘s big unit, Winston Duke, is stunt coordinator Dan Tucker; Hannah Waddingham of Ted Lasso is shifty executive producer Gail Meyer; and OG Fall Guy Lee Majors gets a cameo to boot.

The Fall Guy trailer

Why we’re excited about The Fall Guy

Gosling and Blunt in an action comedy is reason enough to book a ticket, but what really sells this one is the film’s clear love of stunties, which largely manifests in the form of some jaw-dropping action set pieces, including a world record-breaking car flip (eight and a half flips, in case you were wondering).