How to watch The Moon is Upside Down in New Zealand

New Zealand screen veteran Loren Taylor (Eagle vs Shark) makes her feature directing debut with this quirky but humanistic black comedy.

How to watch The Moon is Upside Down in New Zealand

The Moon is Upside Down hits New Zealand Cinemas on May 2.

What is The Moon is Upside Down about?

A sprawling but closely observed story involving multiple characters and plots (we’re getting a little Robert Altman vibe here), The Moon is Upside Down follows three different women as they contend with loneliness, isolation, and longing.

There’s mail order bride Natalia, newly arrived in Aotearoa, who has to deal with both new husband MacIntosh’s aloofness and the jealousy of his sister, Hilary.

Taylor herself plays lonely anaesthetist Briar, who reconnects with awkward old flame Tim.

Finally, there’s the wealthy but emotionally isolated Faith, who finds herself in possession of a strangers ashes, and goes to great lengths to get them where they need to go.

The whole thing is shot through with a rich vein of dry humour, but still manages to articulate the need for connection so many of us are feeling in these fraught times.

The cast of The Moon is Upside Down

Russian actor Victoria Haralabidou is Natalia, Elizabeth Hawthorne (The Frighteners, Sweet Tooth) is Faith, Loren Taylor is Briar; Jemaine Clement is MacIntosh, Robyn Malcolm (Outrageous Fortune) is Hilary, and Robbie Magasiva (Shortland Street, Wentworth) is Tim.

The Moon is Upside Down trailer

Why we’re excited about The Moon is Upside Down

Long a welcome presence on our screens as an actor, we’re keen to see how Loren fares as a writer and director. The cast is great, the tone is droll and deadpan, and while the budget and scope may be small, there’s a thematic ambition here that has us intrigued. This could be the surprise local hit of the year.