Outrageous Fortune: Season 1

Poster for Outrageous Fortune: Season 1

In this classic New Zealand comedy-drama series, a family full of career criminals try to play it straight and abide... More

Where to watch Outrageous Fortune: Season 1

Outrageous Fortune: Season 1 is available to stream in New... More Zealand now on TVNZ+.

Outrageous Fortune: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Slings And Arrows

When Cheryl's husband Wolf is sentenced to prison, she decides... More that the family is leaving the crime business.

Episode 1.2

The Rub

Van ends up working for the Hong family to pay... More off his debts. Pascalle is forced to get a job, and Cheryl sticks up for her coworkers.

Episode 1.3

A Little More Than Kin

Pascalle has a new career, Jethro lies about having Kiwi... More heritage and Cheryl receives some undesired attention.

Episode 1.4

The Cause Of This Defect

Wolf is on day release to attend a funeral, and... More all hell breaks loose for the West family.


The Infants Of Spring

As Cheryl starts to realise that going straight is harder... More than it looks, the family tries to help out in the only ways they know how to.


But Never Doubt I Love

Pascalle realises she has a secret admirer, while Grandpa West... More finds love.


Foul Deeds Will Rise

Loretta has to attend school again; Jethro and Caroline announce... More themselves as a couple while Grandpa says he is moving away with Margaret.


My Dearest Foe

Pascalle discovers all is not beautiful in the modeling world,... More Grandpa takes up poker and Cheryl has yet another job.


When The Blood Burns

Van starts a race war and Jethro realises he lacks... More the ability to say 'sorry'.


The Fat Weed That Roots Itself

Pascalle bags herself a real live TV star and Hoochie... More Mama's finances end up in the wrong pockets.


It Cannot Come To Good

The crime of the century - in a Van West... More style; Cheryl is the victim of rumour and innuendo; and Pascalle gets a taste of fame.


To Be Honest As This World Goes

In the fallout from the Tongan job, Van's having problems... More with the woman in his life; Cheryl's having problems with the men in hers; and Wolf is presented with a 'Get Out Of Jail' ticket.


Go, Bid The Soldiers Shoot

Will Wolf get out? Will Van go inside? Will Draska... More get her man? Has Cheryl got one man too many?