Silky Otter Cinemas to open new locations in Auckland, Nelson and Queenstown

Moviegoers have more to look forward to next year with the news of new cinemas opening.

For some, today is a reopening of cinemas after months—for others, it’s the start of moviegoing under the COVID Protection Framework.

Now that those of us who have been patiently waiting to see big 2021 blockbusters can do so (see more on what’s playing in Tāmaki Makaurau), we’re being treated to some additional good things to look forward to.

Silky Otter Cinemas have been operating in Ōrākei (Auckland) and Wigram (Christchurch). Today, they have announced a total of three new cinemas opening in 2022.

New cinemas have been announced for Queenstown and Richmond in Nelson. Ambitiously changing where we see movies in Tāmaki Makaurau, Silky Otter Cinemas are also opening a location in Ponsonby, Auckland.

No firm opening dates are in today’s announcement, but we look forward to keeping you updated as news comes to hand.

Here’s more info, taken from today’s media release:

Silky Otter’s first site opened in 2019 at Ōrākei Bay Village and like all cinemas nationwide had to navigate the bumpy road of the pandemic; but despite having only two 44-seat cinemas, it has quickly become a top performing independent location around the country.

“People still want to go to the cinema, they still want the magic of the big screen.” says Silky Otter CEO Neil Lambert. “But some aspects have changed. Now they want more than just a film – they want an intimate, cosy, and welcoming environment that includes a glass of wine, great food, and great service. For us, bringing all of that together makes the ultimate cinema experience”.

Silky Otter Cinemas new eight screen complex opened in Wigram in Christchurch just prior to the most recent lockdown and has since reopened under guidelines of the latest public health advice. With Auckland’s transition to red under the new Covid-19 framework, Ōrākei will reopen on Friday 3rd December.

“Being local means that we can pivot quickly and for example have now ensured our Wigram cinema is fitted with the latest air filtration system, to give an extra level of peace of mind for our customers.” says Lambert pointing to both the benefits of being headquartered locally and the focus Silky Otter puts on comfort for its customers.

All Silky Otter Cinemas are built on a simple ethos of excellence. This includes:

· No ads, just movies

· Luxury recliners with more room for comfort

· Cutting edge screen and sound technology

· A full-service bar and kitchen with real chefs and a mouth-watering menu

· Food delivered straight to seats

· Unmatched customer service

Importantly, Silky Otter aims to cater to all film lovers in their local communities, “We know everyone has different tastes, so we decided to offer a full mix of films, whether big mainstream blockbusters, family favourites, or the best arthouse films” says Managing Director Ahmed Almukhtar. “As film lovers, we want people to not only see the films they want, but have an experience so good that they keep coming back for more”.