Review: ‘Civil War’ Stays Incredibly Focused On What Makes ‘Captain America’ Great

I would need 13 TED speakers and several flowcharts to detail every single thing going on in Captain America: Civil War. With a rising hero count close to bursting point, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were watching the third Avengers film. But as overwhelming as all this seems, the story stays incredibly focused on what defines Steve Rogers: never ignoring a civilian’s life, remaining true to a global view of freedom, and acknowledging the consequences of doing what you believe is right. With heroes battling heroes, those ideas strike harder than ever, and that’s what makes Civil War a great Captain America film.

There’s also a heap of ass-kicking showdowns, so that helps. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo bring that grounded Winter Soldier touch to a number of key action scenes, including a stunning escape sequence that has Cap and Bucky turn a stairwell into a vertical pinball machine. But with more superpowers to show off, the Russos go beyond with a fantastic faceoff between the divided Avengers. Everyone gets a moment of badassery, a joke to crack, and a reason to be there (though some explanations are as light as “I’m always angry”).

This quality extends to the introduction of Black Panther (who I want to be when I grow up) and the swift arrival of a new Spider-Man (who I wish I was when I wasn’t grown up). It’s also novel to see a Disney-Marvel film that doesn’t end in huge explosions, favouring a physically confined and emotionally charged finale. And while the Marvel Cinematic Universe has usually failed to provide memorable bad guys, Civil War’s villainous orchestrator ends up benefitting from being a forgettable person, for his motivation acts as the sharpened echo of the hundreds who felt ignored just like him.

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