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Māori bilingual series following a group of city-based rangatahi, navigating a world centred on getting paid and cutting corners.

Where to watch Ahikāroa: Season 3

Ahikāroa: Season 3 is available to stream in New Zealand... More now on TVNZ+ and MĀORI+.

Ahikāroa: Season 3 episodes

Episode 3.1

No Turning Back

Our Ahikāroa favourites are back! Well kind of,... More Geo is back, we don't know where Hemi took off to, and we don't know where Smooch is either. Well at least Kid is back... wait, he's off in the bush somewhere, well the series is back! Find out who ends up where, here!

Episode 3.2

To Plea or not to Plea

Geo is holding her ground, protecting Hemi, Chantelle... More has had enough of his antics and Kid has had enough of Te Ururangi too, seems like a good time to blow off some steam at the secret club.

Episode 3.3

Meant To Be

Te Ururangi is here to work, and Chantelle... More is hoping to learn. The new cop Whatukura seems to be making regular appearances and Hemi has some loose ends to tie up.

Episode 3.4

Lock Me Up

More drama at Te Pā, Hemi is officially... More homebound, Geo plays a game of 'hot' and 'cold' before turning the heat up to 'super hot'. Kid's calling it quits, and Tipene offers his salvation.


New Boundaries

Kid is exploring his creative side, Hemi is... More testing the boundaries and Geo goes viral. Chantelle decides to infuse more tikanga into her company and what does Dylan discover?


Oh Brother!

It seems that Geo can't catch a break,... More and Tipene is here to make sure of that. Kid makes a new friend and Chantelle is putting her new business model into action. Oh Hemi... aue.


The Old Men

The fathers are out in full force. Chantelle's... More Dad is not onboard with her new plans. Tipene and his father aren't on speaking terms but he commits to doing a better job with Angie. The mystery of Dylan is starting to unravel and Whatukura seems like he's too good to be true.


Work It Girl

Hemi and Tipene butt heads, and Chantelle sympathises. Kids... More goes on a date and Dylan throw a Te Pā-rty!


Vote For Me

Tipene is on the campaign to build his... More new church and what better way to bolster interest than with the support of the up-and-coming Mayor. Geo and Hemi deal with some complex emotion and Dylan takes Te Ururangi out to a fancy dinner.


Got Me Trippin

Dropping acid, dropping their pants and dropping out... More of this world everyone is running at full heat this episode. It seems rage is a McGregor family trait, and Te Ururangi has a growing interest in her newest friend.


B***h Say It!

Dylan isn't taking any attitude, but she'll sure... More give it! Whatukura investigates the situation with Haki and it seems like Te Ururangi is ready to share her knowledge.  


Wash Away Your Sins

All eyes are on Tipene and his plans... More for the future. Dylan is settling into her new job and Moeroa is unsettling things at Chantelle's house.


A New Son Arises

Grief strikes the McGregor family and the power... More play commences. Geo and Chantelle aren't seeing eye to eye and Dylan gets a big offer.


A Reminder

Te Ururangi recruits Dylan to find out more... More about Moeroa. Tipene has his sites set on his path to leadership, and Chantelle and Hemi get a painful reminder. 


Revenge Is Sheer

Hemi is feeling bad, massively bad. Koro's tangi is... More underway and Dylan is out for revenge. 


Make that Schmoney

Fall out from the fundraiser continues, Kid is... More in mourning and Whatukra is plagued by flashbacks. As for Chantelle... well you'll see. 


Mighty Patu

Whatukura makes a run for it, and Geo... More is in hot pursuit. Te Ururangi is collecting taonga and Tipene stands pride of place at the kai hakari.


Is It True?

Chantelle is in disbelief, Haki is reeling from... More his encounter with Tipene and Sharon is not helping the situation. Angie takes Haki to her safe haven hideout and Whatukura finds a moment of reflection, with his koro.


Secrets Make You Sick

Geo wants to tackle the situation head on, but... More Whatukura is not having it. Tipene calls in help, and Geo brings back up.


No One's A Saint

It's not Ahikāroa unless we finish big! Prepare for... More fuel, fire, passion and might. This is the Season 3 finale.

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