Ahikāroa: Season 4

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Māori bilingual series following a group of city-based rangatahi, navigating a world centred on getting paid and cutting corners.

Where to watch Ahikāroa: Season 4

Ahikāroa: Season 4 is available to stream in New Zealand... More now on TVNZ+ and MĀORI+.

Ahikāroa: Season 4 episodes

Episode 4.1

Save Me

Geo and Hemi have battled the system, Whatukura and Tipene... More battle a church blaze and Dylan has a publicity battle with Richard. Who comes out on top?

Episode 4.2

Out Of My League

Whatukura wants justice, Kid chases his dream and Te Ururangi... More becomes vulnerable.

Episode 4.3

Justice or Revenge?

Chantelle breaks tikanga to protect the youth boys and Whatukura... More faces his biggest challenge yet.

Episode 4.4

How Could You?

Looks like Geo and Chantelle still can't see eye to... More eye as Chantelle takes pity on Tipene. Kid and Te Ururangi are on red alert with him around.



Sorrow and heartbreak bring everyone together during the hardest time... More that Te Pā have faced. Tipene looks to his brother for guidance.


He Putiputi Koe

It's a full house at Te Pā and they're shook.... More They come up with an outrageous plan to re-unite but get double crossed just when they think they're ahead.


It's Yo Birthday

Geo takes Haki to visit his Mum and finds out... More it was his birthday. She pulls the whānau together to give Haki his first surprise birthday party.


The Clean Up

Everything comes out in the wash! Haki is left wanting... More more, Te Ururangi feels rejected by Kid and is reeling after going to a wānanga for boys.



A whole lotta talk but no one's listening. Kid finds... More comfort in his new whānau, Hemi begs for answers and Thomas... well no one knows what that guy's up to.



Geo is all about the work study life, Haki dives... More back into the books and Te Ururangi does what it takes to get Kids attention. Hemi feels like he's going around in circles trying to find answers.

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