Animal Kingdom: Season 4

Animal Kingdom: Season 4

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American crime-drama series based on the 2010 Oscar-nominated Australian classic, following a Southern California family whose high-profile lifestyle is pillars by criminal enterprises.





Season 4 starts as the Codys pull off a risky... More robbery. Smurf and Pope remain at odds even as Pope finds a new outlet for his anger. Deran involves Adrian in the family business, and J tests the waters of his new identity outside the family.



J reconsiders his relationship with Smurf after he gets bad... More news about Morgan's death. Frankie lures Craig with the promise of another big score. The arrival of an old family friend surprises Pope.


Man vs. Rock

As Craig feels the pressure of pulling off Frankie’s increasingly... More complicated job, J grows frustrated with Mia. Deran tries to get Pope out of the house, and Smurf decides she needs answers.



Smurf's increasingly unnerving behavior shows up in unexpected places. J... More realizes he needs to set his own plans in motion if he wants to lead the family. Deran gets disturbing news from an old friend; and Pope struggles to resist Angela.



Pope learns disturbing details about where Smurf has been, and... More the revelation puts Angela's spot in the house in jeopardy. Adrian's return to Oceanside leads to a confrontation with Deran, as J lays the groundwork for a new job.


Into the Black

Suspicion grows when Smurf learns of a new threat to... More the family. Craig tracks down Frankie in the wake of her betrayal, and Deran makes a dangerous decision to try and protect his relationship with Adrian.


Know Thy Enemy

J gains favor with Smurf as he puts together the... More plan for a new job, while Angela learns more about what Smurf’s been hiding. Craig explores his new relationship with Renn and Pope struggles with his changing role in the family.



The Codys head out for a big job, even though... More Smurf is nowhere to be found. All eyes are on J as he assumes a leadership position in a risky heist.



J faces the consequences of his missteps with Mia. Pope... More worries about Smurf's disappearance, while Smurf visits someone from her past. Craig grows frustrated with Deran's secrecy after Deran recruits him for a dangerous assignment.


Exit Strategy

Smurf orders the Cody boys to plan a dangerous job... More while she orchestrates an elaborate party at the house. J tries to ally himself with Pope, but learns he’s in way over his head. Craig responds to a challenge to his newly formed family with Renn.



Pope grows suspicious of J when Angela reveals the circumstances... More of her disappearance. As the threats against Adrian loom larger, Deran scrambles to find a way out. Craig navigates new complications in his relationship with Renn. Janine takes on a different role in the crew’s latest heist as she plans for her future with Colin.



The Cody family sets off on Smurf’s mysterious heist, unaware... More of the surprises that await them when they arrive, which will change the family forever.



In the aftermath of Smurf’s heist, the Codys have to... More protect their reputation, while friends and enemies from the past close in. Deran realizes there is only one way to keep Adrian safe. Craig struggles to adapt to a new pace of life as Pope and J’s growing tension reaches a boiling point.

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Season 1 review: It's a hollow Twinkie meant to make surfer dudes shout "cool!" at their oversized TV screens.

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Season 1 review: Great shows don't have to be this eager and this sloppy and this obvious.

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The New York Times

The New York Times

Season 1 review: It's the one step forward, two steps back approach to greater representation.

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Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

Season 1 review: I take more convincing than some. But I went with this.

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Time Magazine

Time Magazine

Season 1 review: Does everything else well enough, and uses [Ellen Barkin's] shrewd, assessing eyes and unmannered delivery perfectly.

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Boston Globe

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Season 1 review: Remarkably confident from the start.

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Animal Kingdom: Season 4 | Release Details

Animal Kingdom: Season 4 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Neon.