Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Season 2

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Season 2

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Adult Swim's wild and surreal comedy series about three sentient fast food items—Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad—and their nextdoor neighbour Carl Brutananadilewski.

2003USAAdult Swim



Super Birthday Snake

Meatwad asks for a bunny for his birthday, but Master... More Shake gets him the wrong gift... a snake! Frylock accidentally kills Meatwad and Master Shake after the snake eats them. Free from his friends, Frylock takes up a life of crime and sex.


Super Hero

Master Shake decides to become a superhero named "The Drizzle".... More In his attempt to be noticed, he douses himself in toxic waste, hands out "Drizzle Phones" and orders a costume.


Super Bowl

After Meatwad finds two Super Bowl tickets inside a bag... More of chips, everyone tries to get on his good side in order to claim the second ticket. Soon the contest goes to Meatwad's head and he tries to take advantage of Carl and Shake.


Super Computer

Frylock invents a new, ridiculously advanced super computer but Shake's... More incompetence sends it careening into Carl's house. Frylock builds another one but the advanced technologies involved accidentally send the machine back in time!


Super Model

Master Shake comes back from a trip to Guatemala with... More a new nose. With his new-found "beauty", Shake sets out to make himself the best damn looking person in the world.


Super Spore

While The Aqua Teens are chilling in Carl's Pool one... More day, an alien tentacle reaches out and grabs Shake. The alien uses Shake as his method to speak with the others. The problem is, the alien only speak Japaneses. The alien is also not housebroken. Frylock takes it upon himself to civilize this new comer from space.


Super Sir Loin

Meatwad goes on a hunger strike "For the Shorties" due... More to the subliminal messages in Sir Loin's new album. However, he doesn't stop there, ravaging all the food in the house for Sir Loin's "Hunger Drive". Something seems strangely familiar.


Super Squatter

When Shake forgets (or decides not) to pay all the... More bills, all the utilities and accessories get cut off. Instead of paying the bills himself, Frylock decides to teach Shake a lesson and leaves the house with any type of utility. Shake simply takes refuge in Carl's house.


The Meat Zone

Somehow, Meatwad develops an amazing ability to see the future... More upon touching someone. Shake decides to exploit him for loads of money while Frylock is out to prove its all fake.


Super Trivia

Sick of losing every week at team trivia to his... More arch enemy, Wayne the Brain, Frylock decides to up his game. He subjects Shake and Meatwad to his special kind of tutoring and drag Carl along for the ride.


Universal Remonster

Emory and Oglethorpe pay the Aqua Teens another visit, only... More this time they decide to steal their cable using the Fargate, and control what they're watching using the Universal Remonster.


Total Re-Carl

Frylock's new invention inadvertently destroys Carl's body leaving only an... More infuriated head. Frylock decides to rebuild Carl's body by any means necessary which includes grave robbing and robot building.


Revenge of the Trees

With a huge vat of oil left over from his... More Labor Day feast, Shake creates a foul environment in the Aqua Teen's front lawn. With the help of Carl, the two dump the oil in the woods, but pay a hefty price in return.


Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary

Shake puts together a metal version of the "Birthday Song"... More hoping to cash in on the royalties. But, when Zakk Wylde come looking for his cut of the money, things go all wrong for Shake.


The Shaving

It's Halloween at the Aqua Teen headquarters and a monster... More comes down from the get his mail. Much to his chagrin, the monster is unable to scare anyone - until he reveals a gruesome secret.



Shake uncovers a delicious, demoniacally possessed submarine sandwich in his... More front yard. A voice tells him if he eats the whole thing, he will be killed. Shake must battle the Last Temptation of the Broodwich or lose his life.


Kidney Car

With his prized car destroyed, Carl is left with no... More choice but to donate it to the Kidney Foundation. In a bad twist of fate, the Kidney Foundation donates the car to Meatwad.


The Cubing

The Wisdom Cube claims to hold all the known knowledge... More in the universe, but it seems he only possesses a knack for tiresome anecdotes. Frylock has his doubts if this is all for real.


Frat Aliens

DP and Skeeter, fraternity brothers from outer space, get lost... More along the way back home and crash on earth. They quickly become unwanted and Skeeter pulls out but leaves DP behind to be handled by the Aqua Teens.


The Clowning

Carl gets a new head of hair and doesn't wait... More to show it off to the Aqua Teens. However, when the hair begins to make Carl act strangely, Frylock fears the worst. Carl's been clowned!


The Dressing

While sitting down to eat their Thanksgiving dinner one week... More after Thanksgiving, the Aqua Teens are interrupted by a robotic turkey who is determined to save their turkey and take it back in time in the time rift.



After Shake's antics finally push him too far, Frylock leaves... More the Aqua Teen's house. Without Frylock around to hold him back, Shake lays waste to the house and tortures Meatwad as he never has before. Carl soon feels the effects of not having Frylock around.


The Cloning

After breaking one too many TVs, we learn that Frylock... More has been cloning them the entire time. The newest TV seems a bit off, and they find a new use for the cloning machine.


The Last One

Several of the Aqua Teens' enemies gather on the moon... More to plot their next move. After a long while, things don't seem to progress and all that has been managed are the deaths of half the members.

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To be sure, it's an acquired taste. This show is so devoid of substance it makes Seinfeld look like Masterpiece Theater. But that's its charm.

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