Atlanta: Season 1

Atlanta: Season 1

Atlanta: Season 1

Golden Globe-winning comedy created by and starring Donald Glover as a semi-single father of one trying to get by as a manager for his rap artist cousin (Brian Tyree Henry, Widows) who's blowing up in the music scene. Co-stars Zazie Beetz (Joker) and LaKeith Stanfield (Sorry to Bother You).

Best Comedy Actor (Golver), at the 2017 Emmy Awards. Golden Globe winner for Best Comedy Series and Best Comedy Actor (Glover), 2017.
2016Rating: 16USAFX

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29 November 2016


Earn wakes up in another woman's bed and Van comes by to pick him up for a Juneteenth-themed party which she believes will help her establish good networking. The luxury home's owner is a rich White man who is shown to know quite a lot about Black culture in an anthropological way and his bourgeois Black wife. To impress the party's attendees, Vanessa and Earnest have to pretend they are a married couple who love fine art. Earn ends up going off on the homeowners when the wife insults Paper Boi and his hip hop management career after he is outed by some valets. On the drive back home, Earn and Van have sex in their car.

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