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As season five begins, the Henrickson family encounters a wave of hostility from neighbors, Home Plus employees, casino partners, students... More

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Big Love: Season 5 is available to stream in New... More Zealand now on Neon.

Big Love: Season 5 episodes

Episode 5.1


After being elected state senator, Bill Henrikson announces that he... More is a polygamist, and he and his families are attacked from every side; Alby Grant returns from living in the desert with the idea of purifying the compound and getting revenge.

Episode 5.2

A Seat At The Table

After revealing his polygamy to the world the newly elected... More Bill goes even further out on a limb by calling publicly for more polygamists to come into the open while Barb talks Nancy, her mother, into attending a mother-daughter symposium.

Episode 5.3

Certain Poor Shepards

The Henricksons' holiday cheer is tested by family revelations. Alby's... More purification of Juniper Creek leads to a defection.

Episode 5.4

The Oath

Bill fights for his right to be sworn in as... More senator; Barb, Nicki, and Margene struggle with personal revelations and changed public profiles.


The Special Relationship

Bill finds success in the Senate but finds new roadblocks... More set up by the Mormon church. Barb comes to a new conclusion about her life. Cara Lynn's adoption faces a new obstacle. Lois recalls her past with Frank.



Bill refuses to give in to Barb's vision of the... More church; Nicki chafes at the status quo; Margene looks to rally the children of polygamy.


Til Death Do Us Part

Bill eyes a wedding as a chance to reseal his... More commitment to his wives; Alby makes a game-changing power play.


The Noose Tightens

Bill fights for his family and his freedom; Alby looks... More to settle unfinished business; Nicki plans a new future for Cara Lynn.



Alby gets Adaleen on his side against Bill and his... More family. Rhonda asks Ben to marry her which results in Ben & Heather breaking up. Bill faces the possibility of a 20 year sentence, as his family tries to cope. Cara Lynn breaks down after Nikki tells her that Mr. Ivy never loved her.


Where Men and Mountains Meet

In the series finale of Big Love, Margene plans on... More going on a cruise by herself to help people, Barb prepares to get baptized in the new church, and Nikki fears that she will be left alone if Bill goes to prison.

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