Claws: Season 4

Claws: Season 4

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Five manicurists working at the Nail Artisan of Manatee County salon live a double-life of crime in this Warner Horizon series.

2021Rating: TV-MAUSAWarner Horizon Television, Le Train Train



Chapter One: Betrayal

With the casino gone, Desna is prepared to return to... More her roots as a money-laundering nail mogul, which proves to be more difficult than expected, propelling her and the crew further into a world of criminality.


Chapter Two: Vengeance

Desna's plan to sell Oxy to a higher-class clientele is... More quickly sabotaged by Uncle Daddy and Quiet Ann, escalating the drug war.


Chapter Three: Ambition

Desna launches Claws Up, her new multi-level Oxy sales operation,... More employing some of her most loyal clients as dealers and recruiters - Ã la Mary Kay. Tension rises for the crew as they attempt to manage a criminal enterprise from the top.


Chapter Four: Loyalty

Desna and her crew begin to enjoy the benefits of... More their newfound success until it's discovered someone is stealing and reselling their pills under a different label. Desna and her girls must confront this person - with deadly consequences.


Chapter Five: Comeuppance

Feeling guilty for Jenn and Bryce losing custody of their... More children, Desna offers them use of her condo, where Jenn begins secretly taking Oxy to steady her nerves.


Chapter Six: Greed

Desna opens up a second nail salon but a rival... More salon owner soon demands a monthly payoff, forcing Desna to take drastic measures. Jenn's Oxy addiction spirals out of control as she forms a suspiciously close bond with Tony.


Chapter Seven: Ascension

Desna vows not to rest until she has dismantled Uncle... More Daddy's organization from the inside out. Jenn's questionable friendship with Tony is discovered by both Desna and Bryce, threatening to destroy both relationships.


Chapter Eight: Reckoning

With the realization that Tony is an undercover DEA agent,... More Desna must rally her crew to avoid being taken down by the feds. But when Jenn ODs, the crew begins to uncover buried truths that threaten to unravel their tight-knit bond.


Chapter Nine: Wrath

With the crew in shambles and the threat of the... More DEA looming, Desna plots an exit strategy for herself and her girls. Her plans are accelerated after Bryce kills Tony in a jealous rage and then confesses it to Uncle Daddy.


Chapter Ten: Mercy

Desna, our gangster queen of Palmetto, has her final showdown... More with her nemesis, Quiet Ann. She and her crew prepare to escape from Palmetto but Desne must jump through hoops in this explosive ending.

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Claws: Season 4 is available to stream in New Zealand now on TVNZ+.