Community: Season 5

Community: Season 5

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Centred on a suspended lawyer forced to enrol in a community college, Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon's beloved meta-comedy features early appearances from current screen icons like Golden Globe-winner Donald Glover and two-time Golden Globe-nominee Alison Brie.

2014Rating: TV-PGUSA

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Jeff returns to Greendale when his former law partner Alan... More Connor recruits him to gather evidence for a lawsuit he is pursuing. Dean Pelton is thrilled to see Jeff back at Greendale. Thinking he is there to help save the school, he quickly calls the study group back together - surprising Jeff with a reunion.


Introduction to Teaching

Professor Hickey helps Jeff settle into his new job at... More Greendale; Abed convinces the study group to take a class focused on Nicolas Cage.


Basic Intergluteal Numismatics

Everyone is up in arms when an anonymous bandit starts... More dropping coins down people’s pants. While Dean Pelton mobilizes the school to investigate, Jeff and Annie pursue their own theories – methodically interrogating staff members. When someone eventually confesses, the school heaves a sigh of relief, but Jeff thinks there is more to the story than meets the eye.


Cooperative Polygraphy

After Pierce Hawthorne’s unexpected passing, a team of investigators headed... More by the no-nonsense Mr. Stone, arrives at Greendale to submit the study group to lie detector tests before they can be considered for distributions under the will. Tensions mount as Mr. Stone digs in with the questions and the group members learn a little more about one another than they wished.


Geothermal Escapism

Abed plans an epic going-away party as Troy prepares to... More leave Greendale; a fun game transorms into a high-stakes competition.


Analysis of Cork-Based Networking

It’s time for the midterm dance and Annie sets about... More getting the Greendale cafeteria ready for the festivities. She and Professor Hickey team to navigate Greendale’s custodial corridors of power and must negotiate with Bob Waite, the politically savvy Greendale head custodian, and his right-hand man Lapari. They must also contend with Debra Chambers, Greendale’s head of I.T. and Waldron, Greendale’s head of parking, in what becomes an increasingly complex hierarchy of staff.


Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality

Jeff helps Duncan romance Britta; Britta runs into some old... More anarchist friends and discovers they've moved on; Abed accidentally destroys some of Hickey's drawings; Chang has a supernatural experience.


App Development and Condiments

Dean Pelton lets two designers test their new social networking... More application at Greendale, leading to a war among the students; Professor Hickey decides to go underground until the battle ends.


VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing

Jeff, Shirley and Hickey's discovery of a hidden stash of... More textbooks causes power shifts within the group; Abed and Annie play a VCR game to decide who gets to choose their new roommate.


Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

When Professor Hickey reveals that his estranged son has had... More a baby, the gang decides to help them reunite through a game of dungeons and dragons.


G.I. Jeff

The study group gets 'animated' in the vein of the... More 1980s 'G.I. Joe' series.


Basic Story

As Subway makes plans to purchase the Greendale campus for... More their own Subway University, the study group members contemplate the end of an era. Jeff considers a generous offer of employment he has received from Subway, while Britta considers an offer she has received from Jeff. Meanwhile, Dean Pelton tells Annie and Abed about Greendale’s first Dean Russell Borchert, which leads to an interesting and potentially lucrative discovery in the walls of Greendale.


Basic Sandwich

When the group learns about Greendale's first dean, they embark... More on a mission to find his old computer lab; Subway enlists Chang to spy on the group as part of it's plan to take over the school.

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Community: Season 5 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Netflix.