Deadwood: Season 2

Deadwood: Season 2

Deadwood: Season 2

Season two of HBO's hit Western, the story of the early days of Deadwood, South Dakota. The story, set in the 1870s, is woven around historic events and real people, and follows Deadwood's growth from a gold mining camp into an increasingly lawless town.


A Lie Agreed Upon, Part 1

Bullock and Swearengen settle their most recent score with a bloody brawl, and Joanie welcomes her new business partner---with or without Cy's blessing. Also: a stagecoach brings important passengers; and Utter and Bullock investigate a... MORE shooting at Tom Nuttall's.


A Lie Agreed Upon, Part 2

Calamity Jane returns to camp; Swearengen nurses his wounds while Dan and Johnny await Bullock's next move; Joanie and Maddie prepare their new place of business; Alma is asked to make a decision about her... MORE future. Maddie: Alice Krige. Adams: Titus Welliver.


New Money

Swearengen's deteriorating health worries his employees. Alma ponders a real-estate move after surveying her operation. A mining-company agent makes his presence known. Maddie lets Joanie in on a secret about their first client.


Requiem for a Gleet

Alma fires Miss Isringhausen as her ward's tutor. Bullock struggles with domestic life. Cochran suggests a risky surgical procedure for an ailing Swearengen. Dority deals with a former associate's robbery proposal.



Doc Cochran advises Dan and Johnny how to help Swearengen's recovery. Thriving business at a new brothel leads to a startling discovery by Tolliver. Merrick gets a scoop from Yankton about gold claims. Bullock's badge... MORE comes in handy for Commissioner Jarry.


Something Very Expensive

Merrick gives a schoolteacher a tour of the camp. An influx of Chinese labor enters the workforce. Swearengen is finally able to honor appointments. Alma suggests the idea of a bank; and Bullock insults the... MORE owner of a gold claim.


E.B. Was Left Out

Alma and Bullock discuss the camp's financial future. Swearengen shares news about an important visitor. Wolcott seeks to make a deal with Utter involving Wild Bill Hickok's last letter. Tolliver relies on Lee's expertise.


Childish Things

Wolcott reports his gold-claim acquisitions to his employer, George Hearst, and Nuttall shows off his new bicycle. Meanwhile, Miss Isringhausen reaches an agreement with Swearengen, who also meets with Bullock to discuss alternatives to annexation.


Amalgamation and Capital

Wolcott draws Utter's ire during the questioning of a suspect. Merrick is overzealous in re-establishing his newspaper. Fields and Hostetler have little luck with a wild horse. Swearengen alters his agreement with Miss Isringhausen.


Advances, None Miraculous

Cochran's ominous prognosis puts the camp on alert. Smallpox survivor Andy Cramed returns as a minister. Swearengen asks an unlikely pair to pull a scam on Commissioner Jarry. Martha Bullock has second thoughts about staying... MORE in Deadwood.


The Whores Can Come

Jarry worries that Bullock and George Hearst will side with Montana on the annexation issue and a showdown looms between Wu and Lee. Andy Cramed holds his first religious service, though he doesn't count on... MORE Tolliver's participation.


Boy the Earth Talks To

Mining magnate George Hearst arrives while the camp is preparing for a celebration. Yankton officials react to a Swearengen power play. Violence erupts among the town's Chinese population.