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Having dedicated herself to raising her kids, Delilah returns to practicing law where she finds herself taking on the powerful... More

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Delilah: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand... More now on Neon.

Delilah: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Everything to Everyone

Delilah left a demanding white-shoe law firm a decade ago... More and hung up her own shingle so she could make raising her kids her number one priority. Now she takes on cases the big firms ignore and finds herself, more often than not, going head-to-head with the powerful and privileged as she fights for the disenfranchised.

Episode 1.2


Delilah's whistleblower dies in an apparent suicide. She decides to... More take Leah's cases which puts her on opposite sides from Tamara.

Episode 1.3

Sometimes Apart

Leah gets fooled into giving too much information to a... More reporter. Demetria starts working for Delilah.

Episode 1.4


After Delilah makes a new discovery in Leah's case, she... More appeals to Tamara to do the right thing. Delilah and Jamal go on a date. Nate plans to return home. Leah's life may be in danger.


No Good Deed

Leah arrives at her ransacked apartment to find that her... More laptop and phone are missing, and Delilah's suspicion further strains her relationship with Tamara. Delilah appeals to Wes for help with her case, and a shocking event ensues.


Not Waving But Drowning

Delilah uncovers a smoking gun, Nate learns a painful truth,... More and Tamara is closer to becoming partner at her firm. Plus, Gordon takes his romantic relationship to the next level, and Fred unexpectedly shows up at Leah's apartment.


The Purple Empress

More information about Cindy Shea's connection to the case is... More revealed, and Leah urges Delilah to settle, despite Delilah's insistence otherwise. Plus, Leah might know more about Gary's death than she originally let on.


The Long Game

Leah settles her case against Fred Osbourne despite Delilah’s urging,... More but Delilah later uses newly uncovered information to win her quest for justice. Just as she breathes a sigh of relief, Delilah learns shocking information about Mace.

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