Devils: Season 1

Devils: Season 1

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Golden Globe nominee Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy) stars in this 10-part adaptation of Guido Maria Brera's novel, following a trader at a leading London bank who discovers an intercontinental conspiracy.

2020France, Italy

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Episode 1

Massimo Ruggero makes his bank millions by speculating on the... More Greek crisis in the hope of getting the vice-CEO position; however, CEO Dominic Morgan denies him the promotion because of a scandal involving his past.


Episode 2

Feeling betrayed and abandoned, Massimo devises a plan to create... More a scandal against NYL and leave it after cashing in; as he is about push the button on his exposé, Massimo learns that Dominic is hiding something.


Episode 3

Massimo tries to determine if Dominic is secretly handling business... More for Gaddafi, against whom the Libyan War has now been launched; Detective Vicky Bale suspects that Massimo is involved in his colleague's death.


Episode 4

Massimo's traders fall into a trap set up by Dominic,... More who intervenes to save the bank; Massimo is about to discover why Dominic denied him the promotion but Vicky's investigation is suddenly shut down.


Episode 5

Dominic reveals that he knows about his wife and Massimo's... More indiscretion; after NYL's near miss with the Irish bank, Dominic feels he cannot trust Massimo and suspends him as head of trading.


Episode 6

Professionally wounded, Massimo cuts a deal with Vicky to obtain... More the secret dossier in exchange for the capture of Duval, the elusive head of counterinformation platform and Sofia's employer, Subterranea.


Episode 7

Massimo discovers that the secret dossier hides a liquidity recycling... More scheme between NYL and a big German bank, used by Dominic to implement an intercontinental plot to preserve the dollar's hegemony.


Episode 8

Massimo and Sofia make a hurried journey to Cetara to... More see his ailing father; he and Massimo make an emotional peace at his bedside, and in the process Massimo is able to exorcise the personal demons that have plagued him.


Episode 9

Determined to stop Dominic, Massimo forms an unlikely alliance with... More Subterranea to hack NYL's servers in his search for "smoking gun" evidence of Dominic's plans.


Episode 10

Armed with the dossier, Massimo defeats Dominic and uncovers the... More identity of the killer responsible for his colleague's death; with Dominic disgraced and his own name cleared, Massimo takes his place as CEO of the bank.

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Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal

“Devils,” full of interpersonal intrigues, betrayals and sexual sparking, weaves actual economic events into its plotline, and features a subplot about the shadowy Daniel Duval (Lars Mikkelsen) running the WikiLeaks-like Subterranea, which seems poised to blow the lid off NYL. All of which makes for a bracing story, even if it takes a few turns that leave a viewer struggling to keep up.

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Patrick Dempsey's Italian import seems to want to say something about the world of international finance, but any cohesive message gets lost in glitter.

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Devils: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand now on Neon.