Educators: Season 1

Educators: Season 1

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Set behind the scenes of an ordinary Kiwi secondary school, following the hopelessly inept teachers and staff in charge of educating the next generation. Stars Jackie van Beek, Jonny Brugh, Thomas Sainsbury, Kura Forrester and Cohen Holloway.

2019Rating: MNew Zealand



Episode 1

Series Premiere: Judy announces the theme for this year's school... More show. Robyn issues a challenging classroom writing task. Jarred deals with an unusual parental request. And Vinnie reacts to the news that the students think he is a bully.


Episode 2

John volunteers to be the coach of the senior girls'... More soccer team - but has an ulterior motive for wanting the gig. Jarred deals with some very angry parents and some car parking issues. Robyn gives some one-on-one guidance counseling and Robert grapples with life as an adult student.


Episode 3

Robyn rubs some visiting sexual education teachers up the wrong... More way when she crashes their lesson. Rachel reveals that the sex ed class taught her a few things too. And John lies about his dealings with the soccer mums.


Episode 4

Vinnie reveals his anger issues. The staff prepare for the... More ERO visit, but get confused when church members arrive instead.


Episode 5

Robyn tells Judy that the idea of the kids being... More nude in Equus is creepy. Vinnie gets a terrifying visitor and doesn't know how to get rid of him. John and Judy have an 'encounter' in the photocopy room.


Episode 6

John and Judy deal with the awkward aftermath of their... More encounter. Squirrel gets a job at the school and Jarred enlists the staff to solve the photocopied bums mystery.


Episode 7

Jarred has to scramble to find a solution when he... More finally realises that the school production includes student nudity. The staff deal with a phantom poo-er.


Episode 8

The staff deal with the repercussions of their after-show celebrations.... More The phantom pooer strikes again; and a police officer comes to school.


Episode 9

Robyn lectures the students on the evils of smoking. Rudy... More struggles to handle his class. A psychologist comes to school to assist with a troubled student, but ends up helping Jarred instead.


Episode 10

John tries to embrace his Maori roots. The tables are... More turned on Robyn when Maria offers to counsel her. Rachel organises a colleagues and partners social event which leads to some very interesting revelations.

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Educators: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand now on TVNZ+.