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Director Peter Berg turns his critically-acclaimed high-school sports drama into a series, adapting Buzz Bissinger's novel about teenage American football... More

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Friday Night Lights: Season 2 is available to stream in... More New Zealand now on Prime Video.

Friday Night Lights: Season 2 episodes

Episode 2.1

Last Days of Summer

Changes in the team force Dillon Panthers to work harder... More than ever before to achieve the same level of success they had last season. Losing Coach Taylor to TMU might prove to be their biggest setback. Tyra gets a shock visitor. Matt and Landry struggle with their everyday life, as it is not what they expected.

Episode 2.2

Bad Ideas

So many things have changed at Dillon High and the... More first day of school is the real test. Matt stands by as his world comes crashing down, while Landry still copes to make sense of his. All eyes seem to be focusing on Smash, while Tami tries to adjust to having a teenager and a newborn.

Episode 2.3

Are You Ready for Friday Night?

Matt and Smash have a hard time listening to their... More coach as they prepare for their first game of the new season. Coach Taylor heads back to Dillon to check on his family and finds out just what is happening to the Panthers since he's left.

Episode 2.4


Tim and Jason go to Mexico as Street hopes to... More explore experimental surgery. Riggins, who is worried about Street, turns to Lyla Garrity, who's busy helping a newcomer acclimate to Dillon. Meanwhile, Coach Taylor decides on a big career move that will change his life. A development in a police search deeply affects the lives of Tyra and Landry.


Let's Get It On

Coach Taylor returns to Dillon, but it is not an... More easy homecoming; the team must deal with conflict between Saracen and Smash; Riggins turns to Lyla for help in changing Street's mind about surgery.


How Did I Get Here?

Key evidence comes in implicating Landry; when Tami's sister visits... More to help her with the baby, she stirs things up in the house; Riggins must prove to coach Taylor that he wants to be a part of the team.



As college football scouts approach Smash, he must make a... More life-changing decision. Coach Taylor has set his sights on a potential addition to the team. Tami appoints Lyla and Tyra to be in charge of this year's Pantherama. Matt is living his dream, with his new cheerleader girlfriend by his side, but yet he is drawn to the live-in nurse. Julie turns her jealousy into a twisted relationship.


Seeing Other People

As Smash sets out on his first recruitment trip, Saracen... More asks his cheerleader girlfriend for an open relationship.


The Confession

Landry admits to the murder of Tyra’s assaulter but the... More struggle with his conscience continues. Meanwhile Jason Street is set up with an online dating service by Herc. The Taylors get ready for baby Gracie’s christening, while tensions increase between Tami and Julie.


There Goes the Neighborhood

Dillon County is hit by a tornado with Laribee High... More School affected by the damage forcing both rivals to share Dillon's resources. Julie and Tami adjust to Tim Riggins' living in their house, and tension builds between Landry and Tyra.


Jumping the Gun

Brian "Smash" Williams takes heat from the major colleges that... More want a verbal commitment to their program. Meanwhile tension is still high between Coach Taylor and Tim Riggins regarding the situation with Julie. Tim doesn't know where to turn. And all eyes are on Coach Taylor as he prepares the Panthers to play Laribee High School in the season's biggest game.


Who Do You Think You Are?

Tami and Coach Taylor look into day care for Gracie,... More but find themselves having a tough time letting go. Meanwhile, Lyla starts working as a deejay on a Christian radio station and, despite being ridiculed by Tim Riggins, she is able to strike a chord with him. Elsewhere, Matt Saracen discovers that he is actually in love with his grandma's at-home nurse, while Brian "Smash" Williams learns that those close to him may not be ready for interracial dating.


Humble Pie

Coach Taylor hires Tami as the girls volleyball coach and... More enlists the help of Tyra. Smash has a confrontation at a movie theater and is faced with a dilemma.


Leave No One Behind

Matt Saracen reaches at his lowest point. Meanwhile, Tami Taylor’s... More relationship continues to blossom with Tyra. Julie becomes envious. Landry has an admirer. Elsewhere, Smash seeks advice from Coach Taylor.


May the Best Man Win

Smash's hunt for a college football scholarship turns into something... More completely different. Tami comes across her high school boyfriend, whose job as a real estate magnate has brought him to Dillon, making Coach Taylor jealous. Jason is offered a life-changing opportunity. Riggins goes after Lyla this time using more unconventional methods.

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