Loki: Season 1

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Loki lives! Again. Tom Hiddleston returns as Thor's trickster brother in this MCU series, taking place after the events of... More

Where to watch Loki: Season 1

Loki: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand... More now on Disney+.

Loki: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Glorious Purpose

After stealing the Tesseract in "Avengers: Endgame," Loki lands before... More the Time Variance Authority.

Episode 1.2

The Variant

Mobius puts Loki to work, but not everyone at TVA... More is thrilled about the God of Mischief's presence.

Episode 1.3


Loki finds out The Variant's plans, but he has his... More own that will forever alter both their destinies.

Episode 1.4

The Nexus Event

Frayed nerves and paranoia infiltrate the TVA as Mobius and... More Hunter B-15 search for Loki and Sylvie.


Journey Into Mystery

Loki tries to escape The Void, a desolate purgatory where... More he meets variant versions of himself.


For All Time. Always.

The clock is ticking in the season finale which finds... More Loki and Sylvie on a date with destiny.

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