My Life is Murder: Season 2

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Lucy Lawless is Alexa Crowe, a fearless and unapologetic investigator with a host of dark quirks, in this Australian murder-mystery... More

Where to watch My Life is Murder: Season 2

My Life is Murder: Season 2 is available to stream... More in New Zealand now on TVNZ+ and AMC+.

My Life is Murder: Season 2 episodes

Episode 2.1

Call of the Wild

When a woman shoots a stranger at point blank range... More by Auckland Harbour, it looks like an open-and-shut case. But investigator Alexa Crowe discovers not everything is as it seems.

Episode 2.2

Oceans Apart

Alexa's investigation into the death of a surfing champion takes... More her back to an old childhood haunt. But what is the victim's influencer girlfriend trying to hide? And why is Alexa so reluctant to spend time at one of the world's best beaches?

Episode 2.3

All That Glitters

Alexa's personal and professional lives collide when she investigates the... More death of a drag queen whose career was on the rise.

Episode 2.4

Episode 4

Alexa is confronted by her own history when she investigates... More the death of a museum curator.


Episode 5

Alexa will need all five senses to solve the mysterious... More death of an ambitious young winemaker.


Episode 6

A frosty reception awaits Alexa when she investigates how the... More chef at a resort died in his own walk-in freezer.


Episode 7

All the world's a stage when Alexa investigates a murder... More of an actor in the middle of a live performance.


Episode 8

Alexa must sort fact from fiction when a compulsive liar... More confesses to a murder at a high-end jewellery store.


Episode 9

Harry asks Alexa to look into the case of his... More friend accused of murdering a survival expert.


Episode 10

Alexa investigates the death of a self-help guru and finds... More herself in a cat-and-mouse game with the victim's mysterious wife.

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