My Life Is Murder: Season 4

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Lucy Lawless is Alexa Crowe, a fearless and unapologetic investigator with a host of dark quirks, in this Australian murder-mystery... More

Where to watch My Life Is Murder: Season 4

My Life Is Murder: Season 4 is available to stream... More in New Zealand now on TVNZ+.

My Life Is Murder: Season 4 episodes

Episode 4.1

To Dye For

A wealthy socialite dies in suspicious circumstances, leaving her entire... More fortune to her cat. To uncover the truth, Alexa investigates a heady world of high society gossip.

Episode 4.2

Tough Love

Alexa’s investigates the death of a tough tennis coach, but... More she’s not the only one on the case. A glamorous private investigator is determined to solve the case before Alexa.

Episode 4.3

Location, Location, Location

A real estate agent is found dead at an open... More home, and Alexa’s investigation takes a supernatural turn when the homeowner insists the 100 year old house is cursed.

Episode 4.4

One Man’s Poison

Alexa investigates ‘death by stir-fry’ when Reuben is desperate for... More her to clear the name of his friend, a private chef accused of poisoning one of this clients.


En Pointe

A ballerina has been shot dead with a bow and... More arrow at a prestigious ballet academy. While Madison tries her hand at archery, Alexa poses as a dance mom to uncover the terrible truth.


The Good Oil

Alexa ignores her own family problems to find justice for... More grieving Samoan matriarch Eme, whose son Ropati was shot dead at a botched robbery at his coconut oil factory.


The Widow’s Club (1)

Alexa and her brother Will infiltrate an exclusive country club,... More where a group of wealthy golf widows have the men running scared.


The Widow’s Club (2)

Alexa is on the wrong side of a murder investigation,... More fighting to clear her own name while avoiding the webs of the three Black Widows.

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Comedy, Drama
Country of origin
New Zealand