No Activity: Season 4 (USA)

No Activity: Season 4 (USA)

Poster for No Activity: Season 4 (USA)

A special animated season of Patrick Brammall and Trent O'Donnell's crime-comedy series, which looks at the more mundane side of everyday police work. Season four guest stars the voices of Kevin Bacon, Bob Odenkirk, Elle Fanning, Will Forte, Joe Keery and Amy Sedaris More

Special Agent Nick Cullen (Brammall) is realising his dream of joining the FBI. After being assigned to a seemingly dull observation detail, he finds a potential career case in the form of an emerging cult. Despite the promotion, Cullen’s path continues to cross with former partner Judd Toldbeck’s (Tim Meadows), who adjusts to life with a new partner of his own.


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