O'Town Dreaming: Season 1

O'Town Dreaming: Season 1

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Looking to go "behind the flashing lights and negative headlines that have defined the community," this inspirational New Zealand docuseries follows young musicians in Ōtara navigating life and chasing their dreams. More

Told from the inside-out and sitting in the pocket of this new generation of aspiring musicians, we follow them as they climb their own musical mountains. Each is informed by their life experience and supported by deep community roots and local champions who believe in their potential and their dreams. 

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Episode 1

Jesse introduces us to his Ōtara, while local OGs the... More Church Boiiz bring out the best in the Psalm 33 teens. Lando and Luafa go it alone but making music is what they all dream of.


Episode 2

Here are the rest of the dreamers. Bailey has country... More music in his veins but he's forging his own path, Eve with her cello dreams big, Salvador finds inspiration from his legendary father and the WOW girls sing for their community and themselves.


Episode 3

The Church Boiiz are throwing a community concert for the... More dreamers so it's game on! Psalm 33 have a strong bond but they need to start practicing, Lando focuses on his lyrics and Luafa seeks help to dig deep and express his grief.


Episode 4

Music is the motivator! The WOW girls are driven by... More gigging and girl power while Salvador and Eve both make new connections through their own unique musicality. Bailey turns to old friends to find his beat, but will it work?


Episode 5

Luafa steps into the recording studio with TJ and Jesse,... More Candy finds the perfect original song for the girls to perform at the concert and Lando impresses an old school mate with his new words.


Episode 6

It's not always easy. Bailey's back on his own... but... More he won't stop making music, he has to start believing in himself. Psalm 33 find strength through a life-changing moment of faith and Salvador reveals his own style with his band Shoeless.


Episode 7

The community concert is looming but in Ōtara family comes... More first. Eve looks to her parents for support as she walks onto the grandest of stages, while Luafa must talk to his father about the future before he can truly focus on his song.


Episode 8

It's concert time! Sit back and enjoy our O'Town Dreamers... More as they take their talents to the stage in front of a packed house in the heart of their community.

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You can feel, see and hear the love and respect for Ōtara in every minute of this series.

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O'Town Dreaming: Season 1 is available to stream in New Zealand now on TVNZ+.