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A drama set in the East End of London in 1889, during the aftermath of the "Ripper" murders. The action... More

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Ripper Street: Season 4 is available to stream in New... More Zealand now on TVNZ+.

Ripper Street: Season 4 episodes

Episode 4.1

The Strangers' Home

Reid must return to Whitechapel to covertly re-investigate a case... More made by Drake and Jackson.

Episode 4.2

Some Conscience Lost

Reid struggles to adapt on his first day back at... More H Division under Drake’s command.

Episode 4.3

A White World Made Red

Jackson feels the heat when a double murder throws light... More upon his recent illicit activities.

Episode 4.4

Men of Iron, Men of Smoke

When a footballer is brutally murdered, a key suspect is... More a man close to Drake's heart.


No Wolves in Whitechapel

Drake's life unravels as he questions whether he sent an... More innocent man to the gallows.


Edmund Reid Did This

The walls close in on Reid as a secret from... More his past threatens to destroy his future in Whitechapel.

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