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In 17th century Japan, shipwrecked British sailor John Blackthorne rises from outsider to samurai, while being used as a pawn... More

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Shōgun: Miniseries is available to stream in New Zealand now... More on Disney+.

Shōgun: Miniseries episodes

Episode 1.1


Destinies converge in Japan after a barbarian ship washes ashore... More in a poor fishing village. Meanwhile, in Osaka, Lord Toranaga finds himself outplayed by his enemies.

Episode 1.2

Servants of Two Masters

Blackthorne's arrival in Osaka stirs up a hornet's nest of... More rivalries. Mariko is trapped between her cause and her faith when she must translate for the barbarian in Lord Toranaga's custody.

Episode 1.3

Tomorrow Is Tomorrow

After Blackthorne survives a brazen assassination attempt, Toranaga realizes he... More must ferry his allies out of Osaka or risk certain defeat.

Episode 1.4

The Eightfold Fence

Blackthorne and Mariko test their new alliance as they train... More Toranaga's gun regiment for war. Yabushige must navigate his past promises to Ishido when an old friend comes to the village.


Broken to the Fist

Blackthorne and Mariko struggle to contain the secret that could... More get them both killed. Yabushige searches for the spy who has betrayed his intentions to Lord Toranaga.


Ladies of the Willow World

Lady Ochiba returns to Osaka in order to accelerate the... More Regents' campaign against Toranaga. In Ajiro, Toranaga tests Mariko's loyalty to his cause.


A Stick of Time

Outplayed by new alliances in Osaka, Toranaga is forced to... More carve out a new deal with a long lost family member.


Abyss of Life

Toranaga's defeated clan moves to Edo and awaits their fate.... More Blackthorne must decide who he fights for - the lord who has turned his back on him, or the ambition that brought him to Japan in the first place.

Due: 16 Apr 2024

Crimson Sky

Mariko arrives in Osaka for the fight of her life.... More Blackthorne and Yabushige scramble to save their own heads as their options dwindle.

Due: 23 Apr 2024

A Dream of a Dream

In the wake of a tragic death, Blackthorne finally considers... More the true nature of Toranaga's plan.

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In the upper echelon

Shōgun is certainly complex; it’s a series that rewards, and sometimes demands, close attention, and at times the learning curve is steep. But as far as stirring historical sagas of ambition and aggression go, it’s definitely in the upper echelon. Read full article

Travis Johnson

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16, Violence, offensive language, and content that may disturb
Action, Adventure, War
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